5 Prank Call Ideas That Work Every Time

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Looking for some fresh prank call ideas to play a practical joke on a friend? The five prank call ideas below work every time. Take a look:

Most people experimented with making prank calls when they were children. Usually, there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into them — just the rush from making a funny, anonymous call to someone who you knew, but who couldn’t tell who you were.

As adults, it takes a bit more effort to make a prank call really work. We’ve discussed in a previous blog article on the anatomy of a prank call how to ensure that you get the most laughs out of your prank. These five hilarious prank call ideas below feature a wide range of themes that can work in a variety of situations.

1. The “You Called Me” Prank Call Idea

The “You Called Me” prank is probably one of the more childish ones you could choose, since at first glance there isn’t a whole lot of creativity to it. It is merely a confrontation conversation, wherein the prankster insists that the person being pranked called them, when in fact they didn’t. The funny part about it is that the prank target will get increasingly irate over trying to prove that they didn’t call the prankster. It is a prank that can go on and on.

However, if you want to try a new dimension with this prank call idea, switch the prank halfway through the gag. In the example below, the caller goes from accusing the target of calling her to trying to illicit phone sex from him:

Listen to the prank here:

By the end of this conversation, all the prank target can do is laugh, since there is no way that we could have ever imagined the conversation going the way that it did.

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2. The “You Smell” Prank Call Idea

This is another prank call idea that kids engage in when they’re young in a bid to be cruel. Most adults are usually mature and secure enough that an anonymous prank call with an obnoxious caller yelling, “You smell!” is probably not going to phase them much.

However, a fun twist on this prank call idea can be to make the prank seem as those it is coming from a concerned anonymous caller acting as a good samaritan on the prank target’s behalf. Rather than spewing out seething insults about the person’s bad hygiene, a funnier approach is to say “sorry, but you really smell” in the most polite way possible.

Listen to this hilarious prank call idea on how to tell someone that they smell:

Pulling this kind of prank off without losing it on the phone is tough, so using a pre-recorded prank like the one you just heard often gives you just as many laughs without risking blowing the prank call.

3. The Homicide Investigation Prank Call Idea

One of the more popular pranks among adults is to impersonate an official or person of authority and seek to place the prank target into a compromising, uncomfortable position on the phone that they feel compelled to maintain and answer questions honestly. One popular theme is to play the part of “the homicide detective” investigating a murder in the target’s neighborhood.

Listen as the prankster begins with a reasonable request, and slowly evolves the prank, asking more and more inappropriate questions:

Kids simply cannot pull off prank call ideas like these, since they cannot impersonate adults, such as police detectives. But you can!

prank calls make people angry

4. “Where’s My Package?!” Prank Call Idea

Prank calls usually take a person off guard, and as a result, they tend to go silent during a prank, simply not knowing what to say. These types of pranks are the easiest. However, if you’re not afraid to get into a confrontation with the prank target, you can increase the laughs even more.

In the “Where’s My Package?!” prank call idea, the prankster quickly accuses the caller and puts them on the defensive. It’s always funny to listen to someone in defense mode.

Listen to the caller get defensive in this “Where’s my package?!” prank:

The recording above was not a live prank, but rather a pre-recorded prank. These types of prank calls work really well with confrontational pranks, since the pre-recorded prankster will keep talking over the other person, similar to what normal people do in a confrontation.

5. Masking Your Voice For a Classic Prank Call Idea

The key to any successful phone prank is to manage to disguise your voice. This is especially true if you are pranking your friends. However, even if you are pranking an establishment, masking your voice can be fun as well.

Now, there are new technologies that can completely change your voice. Listen to how funny this conversation is with a voice changer on:

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