Anatomy of a Prank Phone Call

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The prank phone call is still one of the most hilarious ways to bust your friends and family. Read about how to maximize the fun in pranking someone over the phone.


The prank phone call has long been a favorite pastime of giggling children and bored teenagers. And yet, like so many things that we do as children, the prank phone call even has a place in the adult world — especially considering the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and on-the-go communication. What makes a prank call particularly funny is the anonymity: so long as you can effectively disguise your voice, you, the prank caller, can hide behind the slightly distorted tone of the telephone and make even your closest friend think you’re a government IRS agent, an irate ex-girlfriend, or even an outrageously funny stranger. If you want quick and dirty solution you can always go with a pre recorded prank call that you can send directly to your friends mobiles and listen to their reaction. In this article we will have a look at both approaches.

That being said, as adults, we tend to be intelligent enough to sniff out a prank phone call rather easily. Even the most gullible prank phone call target will realize at some point that the call is just too absurd to be true. In order to keep a prank call going, you need to know the best practices for a truly timeless prank phone call.

Two Prank Phone Call Types

Basically, there are two types of prank phone calls — one where you attempt to make the caller believe that the call is real, and one where the call is clearly a fake, and the idea is to get some kind of amusing response from the target of the call. With both types of calls, getting the voice right is essential.

For those trying to develop a believable prank call voice, it’s important to not turn your voice into a caricature of the fictitious person you are portraying. With few exceptions, most normal people feature normal voices. As the prankster, you need to change your voice to conceal your identity, but only as much as to conceal it, and not make it easy to detect as a prank.

If your prank phone call is meant to be obvious, then deploying a silly voice is fine. That being said, you also need how to keep the target on the phone.

Check out this video on prank phone calls:

Keep The Prank Phone Call Going

Most people do not like to be prank called. As a result, their first instinct is to hang up on you. As the prank call progresses — and gets increasingly absurd — there will be an increasing desire for the target to end the call. The only way to keep the prank phone call going is to constantly juxtapose absurdity with reality; just when the target thinks that the call is completely ridiculous, it all of a sudden becomes believable. One way to manage this is to mix confrontation with affability: be cruel, then nice.

Here is a good example of a prank phone call that balances both approaches. Notice how the prankster hilariously goes from accusing the caller to soliciting him(Note that, this is a pre-recorded prank call, the caller is presented by a mp3 audio sent to the target):

In order to keep a good prank going, you too have to be able to keep changing the conversation to keep the caller interested in seeing the outcome.

Use a Pre-recorded Prank Phone Call

Sometimes the easiest way to get the longest, most hilarious prank phone call experience is to not use your voice at all, but rather a pre-recorded prank phone call dialogue. These pre-recorded dialogues are designed with spaces in between phrases and a script that will keep the target off balance — and waiting to hear more.You can listen to those pre-recorded pranks and get get better in your pranking experience.

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