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The Change Phone Number Solution

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For all of the advancements made in business communication, there is still a major communications gap between businesses and prospective customers. While there are a number of communication channels available to businesses now, raging from traditional mail and telephones to e-mail, text messaging, and mobile phones, consumers are becoming increasings “blind” to advertising and “deaf” to customer service outreach. Simply put: it’s a sensory overload for consumers, and they just aren’t interested anymore.

When you add to this technology that let’s people screen phone calls, it can be next to impossible to successfully contact a person for business purposes.

Fortunately, there is a new wave of technology in telephonics that gives companies the ability to change their phone number in order to have a better shot at actually making contact with the people they are trying to reach.

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The Last April Fool’s Joke That Actually Works

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With each passing year, it becomes increasingly difficult to pull off an April Fool’s joke that people will actually believe. There still is one way to fool even the most skeptical prank target, however. Read about how technology is the final frontier for 2014 April Fool’s pranks and beyond.

Let’s face it — the April Fool’s joke is old. And rightly so: April Fool’s, while not an official or national holiday, is in our blood. Historians believe that the celebration of the day might date back as far as 1392, when the notion of April 1st as a day of pranking others is ambiguously referenced by English author Geoffrey Chaucer in his famous Canterbury Tales.

Considering that the April fool’s “holiday” may be older than 500 years, it’s no wonder that our cynical world has grown wary of anything too out of the ordinary that takes place on April 1st. The only possibility of really fooling someone on that day is if their busy and stressed enough to have forgotten the day altogether.

However, if you’re looking to pull off a lasting April Fool’s joke, it is still possible. Thanks to modern technology, you can weave a web of illusion that will be so plausible that even the most distrusting among us will believe it as true.

How Spoof Calling Can Fuel The Greatest April Fool’s Joke Ever

One of the reasons why it is so hard to pull off pranks is the advent of the caller I.D. Now that call recipients have advance word on who is calling them, it’s very difficult to portray yourself as someone or something that you are not. However, thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to fool caller I.D.s — and by doing so, open up a wealth of new pranking opportunities for April Fool’s Day.

Simply put, call spoofing allows you to change the telephone number that displays on a caller I.D., even if the call is made from a smartphone or landline that your April Fool’s target is familiar with. There are several different technologies that enable this illusion, however, the technology used at MyPhoneRobot is completely telephonic, meaning that the phone call that your target receives is not through the internet. It is a crisp, normal-sounding call like any other — only the telephone number is altered.

Call spoofing can become the basis for a limitless number of prank characters and locations, whether if be the bank, police station, fire house, brothel, or any other scenario that could place your “fool” in a compromising situation.

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Automated Prank Calls Can Create April Fool’s Fun For You

Of course, not everyone who wants to pull off an April Fool’s prank is gifted enough in comedy and drama to do a successful prank call using a spoofed number. If you’re looking for a good-natured laugh without having to pull the prank off by yourself, it’s now possible to take advantage of pre-recorded, automated prank calls that let someone else do the pranking for you.

The MyPhoneRobot prank call system features a series of hilarious, professionally scripted and recorded calls that are perfectly edited and timed to engage your April Fool’s Day prank target and keep them guessing on whether the call is real or fake.

Listen to some of these classic pre-recorded prank calls, perfect for April Fool’s Day:

Pranking people is never easy — and particularly so on April Fool’s Day. Thanks to modern-day technology, however, you can now get the laughs you;re looking for.

Be sure to check out all of our proven methods for prank and spoof calls at MyPhoneRobot.



Why Getting A U.S. Phone Number Counts

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In today’s incredibly interconnected world, it may not seem important to have  local telephone number in any given place. After all, the rise of the internet, e-mail, text messaging, and the ability to easily and cost-effectively make an international call has helped to fuel a smaller, more globalized economy, with a increasing amount of business being done between entities in different countries.

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How To Change a Phone Number For Business Purposes

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As multimedia and new channels of communication have increased, so too have peoples’ indifference to mass media and communication. Advertisers have to constantly deal with phenomena in marketing and advertising, such as “ad blindness” — the effect where people don’t even notice ads anymore — as well as a reticence for people to accept direct sales into their homes. 50 years ago, the domestic, stay-at-home Mom welcomed door-to-door salesmen as a convenience. Now, people don’t even want to take telemarketing calls. They just want to be left alone.

However, if you are in the business of getting touch with people, it is essential that you find new, effective ways of reaching them. One of the best ways is to learn how to change your phone number so that you can contact people and prospects with anonymity.

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Spoof Texting For Business: Using SMS To Get In Touch

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Spoof Texting For Business

Now more than ever, mobile users are utilizing text messaging to communicate with friends and family. E-mail has now become relegates mostly for business use, and phone calling, while still popular, is not nearly as discreet — especially when in public. It is now quite common to see people thumbing away on their smartphones while waiting for a bus or eating, and 9 times out of 10, they retyping texts to other people.

If you are a business whose business it is involves getting in touch with these people we see thumbing away on their smartphones, there is no better channel to reach them through texting.

Of course, to do so, the use of spoof texting is critically necessary.

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Why Spoof Calls Aren’t Wrong

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The use of spoof call technology is seen my many as part of a seedy underworld of anonymity. Championed by creeps, stalkers, immature prank callers, credit collectors, and other seemingly nefarious types, to spoof a call is to somehow encroach on another person’s civil rights.

In fact, in the United States, spoof calling has indeed become a hot-button civil rights issue, with several states enacting laws prohibiting the use of the technology. Perhaps the most landmark state law was passed by the state of Mississippi back in 2010, which for a time created a precedent that virtually outlawed spoof calling — a ruling that has since been overruled by higher courts.

Today, the spoof call is deemed perfectly legal, so long as the technology is not used to do harm to the person being called. Still, the stigma of spoof calling exists.

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Change Caller I.D. Strategies That Make Sense

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To change your caller I.D. might seem subversive at first. However, there are a few practical applications for why changing your caller I.D. makes perfect sense.

Isn’t it amazing to think that there was once a time — not too long ago — when a telephone call had no caller I.S. attached to it? Within the past 15 years or so, the use of caller I.D has become a mainstay in telephony, and it changed the way people communicate. Before, people did not have the option of screening their phone callas, meaning they had little control on who they wanted to talk to. Caller I.D. really changed the dynamics.

That being said, there is a certain degree of value associated with the anonymity of a caller I.D.-free phone call, and there are plenty of applications where changing your caller I.D. makes a lot of sense

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