Avail of Local Promos with Caller ID Spoofing

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No doubt, once or twice, you’ve probably encountered a very juicy offer or promo on the internet or in a magazine subscription that you so badly want to avail of, but can’t because it’s area-restricted – meaning, if you live out of town or out of state, you do not qualify for the promo or deal.

These kinds of promos are most often available from select hotels that want to boost off-season bookings by luring in locals to avail of discounted room rates. While this can be somewhat unfair, especially if you live just outside of that hotel’s promo’s scope and have been hankering for a quick getaway somewhere near.

Well, with My Phone Robot’s Caller ID Spoofing services, you can easily make that hotel room booking and avail of the locals’ discount. Simply plug in the area code of that hotel before placing your call to the front desk, and voila! They won’t question that you live just around the block, and would like to spend a weekend away from all the people you know back at home without having to break the bank.

Caller ID Spoofing: Fighting Data With Data

In case you’ve never heard about it, we live in the era of “Big Data” — and yes, both the “B” and the “D” are supposed to be capitalized. Big Data has become perhaps the most lucrative business endeavor in the world today, especially when you consider the fact that companies like Google and Facebook rely on vast amounts of collected demographic data in order to target consumers.

Yes, even telephonic data is part of the Big Data movement.

Of course, businesses who leverage Big Data will tell you that giving them access to your information worth your while — that you will be exposed to better ads, brands, and products as a result.

That may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure: caller I.D. spoofing gives you the opportunity to take back your identity, even if in small measure. Granted, you cannot stop companies like Google and Facebook from scraping detailed data about yourself — only giving the internet forever would let you do that — but you can change the location and identify of your number, giving you some degree of anonymity.

With MyPhoneRobot, our caller I.D. spoofing solution is 100% telephonic, and allows you to avoid having to make scratchy, unclear calls with your spoofed called I.D. connection. If you’re ready to gain some degree of control, be sure to try it for your next getaway — and let us know how it goes!