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The Change Phone Number Solution

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For all of the advancements made in business communication, there is still a major communications gap between businesses and prospective customers. While there are a number of communication channels available to businesses now, raging from traditional mail and telephones to e-mail, text messaging, and mobile phones, consumers are becoming increasings “blind” to advertising and “deaf” to customer service outreach. Simply put: it’s a sensory overload for consumers, and they just aren’t interested anymore.

When you add to this technology that let’s people screen phone calls, it can be next to impossible to successfully contact a person for business purposes.

Fortunately, there is a new wave of technology in telephonics that gives companies the ability to change their phone number in order to have a better shot at actually making contact with the people they are trying to reach.

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Buy US Phone Number Instantly

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In today’s global economy, you can conduct business from anywhere in the world, yet many people still prefer to conduct business with local companies. Even when a business is local, people travel all over the world but still need to keep in touch with high-quality, low-cost secure and private phone connections.

Until now, the only option available was to carry multiple sim cards when traveling or to use expensive services that depend on your Internet connection to complete calls. In either case, connecting with customers, partners, employees and family was a frustrating and complex process.

MyPhoneRobot lets you buy a phone number online, so you have instant access to a U.S. phone number. Whether you need the number for a permanent part of your business, to post on your website, to connect while traveling or any other reason. You can even buy disposable phone numbers for use in situations where privacy is an important concern, such as when you post ads on Craig’s List or similar advertising locations.

If the idea that someone would simply buy phone number access never occurred to you, read on to learn about the benefits of instant access to a U.S. phone number or the privacy of a disposable phone numbers.

Local Presence; Global Reach

Buy a U.S. phone number to connect with customers and put on your website, and you’re in business. It doesn’t matter where in the world your office is, or even if you’re sitting on a tropical beach somewhere. Your customers reach you by dialing a single local phone number that provides your business with instant credibility,

Fully Mobile; Always Connected

Whether you’re traveling or sitting in a remote office, MyRobotPhone connects all your calls to your mobile device so customers can always reach you – anytime and anywhere. MyRobotPhone is an Android app, so it works on the most popular global devices.

Easy to Use; Robust Functionality

There’s no complicated setup process, no contracts to sign and no hidden fees. You don’t need IT or technical help to get up and running. All you do is select your number and you’re ready to go. We offer thousands of numbers, so you can select something that’s meaningful for your business or random if you’re simply looking for disposable phone numbers to cover a temporary situation.

Even though it’s easy to set up, the functionality is robust. You can make and receive phone calls with crystal clarity, even send and receive SMS text messages. The person calling you has the convenience and security of a local phone number while you have the freedom, reliability and quality you need to conduct your business.


Starting at $2.99 per month or 29.99 per year, the plans include credits for both incoming and outgoing calls. You can forward calls from multiple numbers to a single number, so it’s easy to answer calls and respond quickly, regardless of where you are. You can even send and receive text messages (SMS) using these numbers from your personal device.

There is no contract required, and we activate your number instantly. The service requires no additional setup charges, no hidden service fees and no surcharges for services. Contact us today to learn more about the costs and benefits of MyPhoneRobot.

Why Getting A U.S. Phone Number Counts

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In today’s incredibly interconnected world, it may not seem important to have  local telephone number in any given place. After all, the rise of the internet, e-mail, text messaging, and the ability to easily and cost-effectively make an international call has helped to fuel a smaller, more globalized economy, with a increasing amount of business being done between entities in different countries.

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Call a Job Ad Using a Local Number

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These days, in this economy, one can consider having a job and actually being able to hold on to it quite a stroke of luck. In the United States alone, there are over 102 million people of working age that don’t have a job. Most people will exhaust local job vacancies before taking to the internet to check out of town job listings, possibly somewhere that entails a reasonable commute, or a place far enough to be a new home entirely. Continue reading

Get a Local Caller ID to Get Them to Pick Up

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Telemarketing and similar jobs are tough. These days, one of the biggest obstacles to getting your job done is just getting people to answer their phones. If you ask around, most people will tell you they will never pick up a call with a different area code — which is often times the case when it’s actually coming from a telemarketer.

If we can just get these individuals to pick up the call, then nearly half the job is done, since you can bank on the fact that many people feel obligated to be polite, somehow hear you out and not immediately hang up.

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Making Home-based Work Possible with Fake Caller ID

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Even though the words “fake caller ID” tend to ring identity theft bells in most people’s heads, it’s really quite a useful feature many companies and even more mobile apps are making available to the public.

With most states’ ruling on “spoof calling” or faking your caller ID being quite lenient, so long as it is not for the purpose of fraud and harassment, there’s virtually nothing wrong with taking this feature and making it work to your advantage on a larger, business-oriented scale. Consider the trend of home-based work. Continue reading