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Frequently asked questions

I have been harassed.

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If you are receiving threats or any other type of harassment over the phone but you don’t know where is it coming from( could be any spoof app/website/company ) it is best to drop us an email: info at myphonerobot dot com – please mention your phone number and more details. We will check the case and let you know if it is coming from us. Note, that we created this application for private calls and for having fun. Threatening of lying someone with intend to earn dividend is strictly prohibited by law and our terms of use. Note that MyPhoneRobot is following all international mobile regulations and laws strictly and we will not tolerate bad manners!

In addition, you can simply create a MyPhoneRobot account and block your number – just login and go to the settings tab – enter you phone number in International format and hit the “Block My Number” button – now you are sure that it is not coming from us.

Not Working

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Sometimes we receive feedback from our users that something is not working.Usually we got no detailed information, we need to ask additional questions and we got back with a similar email:

What exactly is not working? Please be more specific – what feature are you trying, what are the source/destination numbers(exactly in the same way that you have entered them).What is the error/warning message that you are getting.

Note that, we receive dozens of feedback every day and 99% are positive. In addition we are checking our records daily and our logs shows that the users are using the system without problems.

You can also have a look at our public posts and check for yourself that our users are using the system without problems.

On the other hand , some users find MyPhoneRobot difficult to use so we are working to approve the overall user experience. Meanwhile, let us help – give us more details and especially what error message are you getting?

Again, note that we monitor the system and it gets hundreds of successful transaction every day so we really doubt when somebody says that it is not working. We do take the blame that maybe we have not explained our features in the most convenient way and we will take the chance in this blog – we will post useful information, tips and tricks.

Stay tuned!

Can it be free?

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One of the most relevant questions and feedback is that the service should be free.

While we try to make our service as cheap as possible, MyPhoneRobot calls cannot be free because we are using real mobile and fixed lines/operators.

You can call any phone in the list of supported countries. For the same reason that your mobile operator is charging you for the calls you made, MyPhoneRobot must charge for the calls made through our network. We have a lot of expenses on our side – development,support and bills to the communication companies that we work with.

Although we cannot offer free services we work hard to provide better service.One of our new features will be free regular calls but you will be allowed 5 calls each day, 1 minute duration.