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How To Change a Phone Number For Business Purposes

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how to change a phone number

As multimedia and new channels of communication have increased, so too have peoples’ indifference to mass media and communication. Advertisers have to constantly deal with phenomena in marketing and advertising, such as “ad blindness” — the effect where people don’t even notice ads anymore — as well as a reticence for people to accept direct sales into their homes. 50 years ago, the domestic, stay-at-home Mom welcomed door-to-door salesmen as a convenience. Now, people don’t even want to take telemarketing calls. They just want to be left alone.

However, if you are in the business of getting touch with people, it is essential that you find new, effective ways of reaching them. One of the best ways is to learn how to change your phone number so that you can contact people and prospects with anonymity.

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Prank Call Essentials

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Contrary to the popular notion that prank calling is something only people with quite a lot of free time to blow do, and that it requires virtually no skill nor preparation, we’re here to tell you prank calling is actually of much more consequence that you think. And if you want it to be even remotely successful and as funny as the movies show it to be, then you better keep these things in mind before you start dialing: Continue reading

Spoof Call Dialing at MyPhoneRobot Made Simple

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While the technology behind spoof and prank calling at MyPhoneRobot is highly sophisticated, it was also designed to be user-friendly as well. Unlike other spoof and prank call services on the internet that use internet connections to make the call, the calling technology behind MyPhoneRobot is 100% telephonic — all of the fun and innovation happen between telephones.

The following is a brief How-To article on how to dial when spoof calling at MyPhoneRobot:

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