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Spoof Texting For Business: Using SMS To Get In Touch

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Spoof Texting For Business

Now more than ever, mobile users are utilizing text messaging to communicate with friends and family. E-mail has now become relegates mostly for business use, and phone calling, while still popular, is not nearly as discreet — especially when in public. It is now quite common to see people thumbing away on their smartphones while waiting for a bus or eating, and 9 times out of 10, they retyping texts to other people.

If you are a business whose business it is involves getting in touch with these people we see thumbing away on their smartphones, there is no better channel to reach them through texting.

Of course, to do so, the use of spoof texting is critically necessary.

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Spoof SMS: How It Works

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spoof sms

When you think about it, the text message has come to replace the e-mail, and lots of people use it more than making actual calls with their smartphone. How many times have you seen someone out in public furiously thumbing their smartphone? Maybe you’re that person?

Of course, the rise of the text message also gave rise to the spoof SMS. Sometimes used as a prank, sometimes used to to fraud people, there are a lot of mixed feelings about it. That being said, there are some very useful and practical applications for the spoof SMS. Read below for more details:

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