Change Your Number to Watch Over Teens

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mother and daughter on the phone

Caller ID spoofing is not just for pranksters, scammers or big companies that employ a big number of telemarketing. Masking one’s number can actually benefit private individuals who need peace of mind. If you’re a parent of a teenager or two, then this post is for you.

Teenagers, especially in Western regions, are always waiting for that opportunity to throw that ultimate house party that would put them on the map at school. This almost always happens whenever the parents decide to spend a night or two out of town to celebrate an anniversary, attend a conference or visit some relatives.

While we’re not discouraging you from trusting your teenage kids whenever you’re out of the house, it might help you sleep better at night when you leave the house in their care, especially on a weekend. Here’s how you can use caller ID spoofing services to make sure your kids are behaved:

First, do NOT let them know you’re going out of town. In fact, the few weeks leading up to the weekend you’re planning to leave, try not to talk about the trip within earshot of them or else it will tip them off and they might start planning things you wouldn’t approve of. This is also where discreet packing comes in.

Before you leave, tell them you’re only going to be at most half an hour away. Maybe you can say you’re pulling an extra shift or doing extra time at work, or just plain attending a party that can stretch a bit late into the night. Tell them, you’re going to be checking in on them on the phone every now and then.

Go ahead and go on that trip. Once you’re at your destination, you can call their phones or the home phone using your office number, a local establishment’s number, or a friend’s number who lives near your house. Your kids will be convinced you’re barely 20 miles away and will be able to catch them if they decide to misbehave.