Corporate Uses for Caller ID Spoofing Continued

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Last week, we listed 5 Corporate Uses for Caller ID Spoofing in order to try to change the notion that “spoof calling” is something primarily used for fraudulent intentions. On the contrary, caller ID spoofing is utilized everyday by big corporations and government agencies alike. Private individuals, especially, avail of this feature to protect their privacy.

This is a continuation of the list we posted before. Read through it and learn how Caller ID Spoofing services can make a difference in how your business performs:

  1. On weekdays and during office hours, it makes a better, more professional impression on clients when they know the business owner or an employee is calling them from the office. On occasions a work day is held outside the office, or even if it’s your day off, caller ID spoofing allows a business call to appear to still be coming from the office. There won’t be a need to reveal your cellphone or home number.
  2. Even Google employs caller ID spoofing. Their service, Google Voice, allows users to place outgoing calls on their landline or cellphone but only have their Google Voice number appear on the recipient’s caller ID.
  3. If you still remember Gizmo5, that service would use the user’s Gizmo SIP number for the caller ID.
  4. Prior to the 15th of August back in 2011, The New York Times would actually hide behind the number 111-111-1111 for all of its outgoing calls. They did this to keep their reporters’ extensions from appearing in call logs, so as not to make them liable to reveal contacted anonymous sources.