Free prank calls

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Yes, we offer free prank calls. Why? Because, we want you to try the service before you buy it. Some people are not even quite aware of what a prank call is and how you can send one – that’s why we decided to roll out a free service that is free and easy to use.

Without losing more time, go to our free prank call page and enter the phone number of the victim:


Remember,  you need to enter the number in international format as described in our phone number format article.

Now, that we have the correct phone number entered we need to select our prank call scenario. Just for clarification, the prank call scenario is just an mp3 file with some pre-recorded conversation but your friends will think that a real person is calling.


In the free version, there are 3 prank calls scenarios for you to choose from – you need to upgrade ( create an account and buy credits ) in order to have access to the full prank call library. Nevertheless, we have one of the best and funny prank calls for you, included in the free version:


You are welcome to navigate through each of them and even play the prank call scenario in order to make sure it is suitable for pranking your friend – just click on the play button ( note, that if you are using our mobile website from a mobile device, the prank might not play for some old phones ).

playprankIt seems that we are all set up! Ops, one more thing – you can record the call and listen to it later. Note that, in the free version you have to login with your social account and share our free prank call page. If you decide to create a MyPhoneRobot account with your social profile ( we have Facebook login for example ) , your recording will be available in your logs, because we have remembered your social profile in the free version and we can link it to your MyPhoneRobot account in case you decide to create one ( no need for you to buy credits yet ). Of course, make sure that call recording is legal in your state/country before you take such action:


Finally, we can send the prank call and have a good laugh at it – just click on the send  button on the bottom of the page:


So, prank calling is fun and you want to send another free prank call? Well we need to keep resources for everyone ,so you need to wait 15 minutes before you use again any of our free services. If you want to skip the queue and remove all limitations,  you are welcome to upgrade – just create an account and buy some of the cheapest credits you will find online.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned and wait for our next blog post – we are coming with more free services for you! Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.