Funny prank calls

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So you would like to hear some funny prank calls, have a good laugh at them and maybe send an automated prank call online to one of your friends and double the fun? – You are reading the right article for this purpose.

First of all, let us tell you more about the prank calls that we deal with on this website – those are automated, pre-recorded prank calls that you can send to your friends with a push of a button. Your friends will think that a real person is calling – you can record the call and listen to it.

We do have some examples of public recordings that you might like to hear:

DetectiveHomicide detective: police officer is calling for a phone interview. There was a homicide in the neighbourhood and he needs to get more details from the recipient of this prank call. As any good prank call scenario, the detective is asking normal questions at the beginning but then it gets a bit….well here it yourself:


hygieneHygiene prank: You receive a call from someone that claims to be a friend of a friend?! Hm….she is saying that your friends like you a lot but…well…you SMELL BAD :) that’s right – it might be something about you clothes and especially your bad breath – how would you react? Not sure? Let’s see it in action:


Okay, we got it! Everyone can send automated, pre-recorded prank calls to their friends and that’s cool but give me some more. If you think that sending an automated prank call is too easy but not customizable then maybe you can go with changing your phone number and even your voice for live calls? Would that be funny? Well it seems so:

barackBarack Obama spoof voicemail:

It’s getting better and better – you can use the same website and Android app to send all the pranks plus spoof sms and robo calls :