Get a Local Caller ID to Get Them to Pick Up

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Telemarketing and similar jobs are tough. These days, one of the biggest obstacles to getting your job done is just getting people to answer their phones. If you ask around, most people will tell you they will never pick up a call with a different area code — which is often times the case when it’s actually coming from a telemarketer.

If we can just get these individuals to pick up the call, then nearly half the job is done, since you can bank on the fact that many people feel obligated to be polite, somehow hear you out and not immediately hang up.

Luckily, there are countless apps and websites out there offering spoof or fake caller ID services, which you can use to modify what number appears when you place an outgoing call. My Phone Robot offers exactly this.

All you’ll have to do is figure out the location of the person you are about to call, plug in a number that matches their area code, and you’ve got the appearance of a local phone call and higher chances the recipient will answer.

How Caller IDs Changed Privacy — And How To Change It Back

Back before caller IDs, there was equal parts of anonymity on both ends of a telephone call. You never knew who was calling you, but on the other hand, you weren’t obliged to pick up the phone, either. This dynamic changed, however, once caller I.D. was invented, since it gave the recipient of the call the ability to screen the call before deciding if they wanted to take it or not.

It seemed like a great idea. However, it also changed the face of telephone calls forever. Now, the issue is that businesses simply cannot make contact with important customers and citizens because their caller ID gives them away.

This is why being able to change your caller ID is the great equalizer in the post caller ID world. Even if your caller ID is not recognizable, if it is a local number, the prospect of getting a pickup increases, since most people who are avoiding phone calls do not expect them to come from a local number. In fact, almost everyone in their personal life probably lives locally or semi-locally, meaning that you have a very good chance of making contact.

Try it for yourself, and get more people on the client list to answer your calls. Visit for more details on how changing your caller ID to a local number can make all of the difference.