I have been harassed.

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If you are receiving threats or any other type of harassment over the phone but you don’t know where is it coming from( could be any spoof app/website/company ) it is best to drop us an email: info at myphonerobot dot com – please mention your phone number and more details. We will check the case and let you know if it is coming from us. Note, that we created this application for private calls and for having fun. Threatening of lying someone with intend to earn dividend is strictly prohibited by law and our terms of use. Note that MyPhoneRobot is following all international mobile regulations and laws strictly and we will not tolerate bad manners!

In addition, you can simply create a MyPhoneRobot account and block your number – just login and go to the settings tab – enter you phone number in International format and hit the “Block My Number” button – now you are sure that it is not coming from us.