International phone number format explained

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What is the international phone number format and why should we bother?Every time you want to dial a number abroad you need to specify the country code in front of the national phone number. This notation is also know as E.164 formating.

We had many questions about phone number formating – our users are asking what’s wrong with the phone numbers they try to dial and how to format them in a proper way? Here is a short video that explains everything in detail:

Basically, you need to add the plus sign “+”  and the country code in front of the phone number. For example, if you like to dial a US phone number the you need to add “+1” in front of the phone number, e.g.:

phone number: 220-240-2222
international:    +1 220-240-2222  or  you may remove the dashes: +12202402222

Every country has it own country code, for example the same number in UK would look like:

+44 220-240-2222 , because the country code of United Kingdom is “44“.

Do not forget – you just need to add the “+”  sing and then the country code , just before the phone number.