Know if Your Teen is Spoof Calling You

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In a previous post, we let the parents in on quite an ingenious way of using our Caller ID spoofing service to monitor their kids’ behavior whenever they are out of town, or in any location that takes more than half an hour to get back home and catch any of them misbehaving.

While, parents should always be a step ahead of their kids, today’s technology makes parenting much more complicated. In fact, kids may already know about the possibilities of ”spoof calling.” By changing their number before calling you to check-in, like you requested, they can pretend they’re at their friend’s house, when really, they’re at a party in a completely different area in town.

Fret not! If you suspect anything is off about your teen’s phone call — especially if they absolutely insist they’ll call you — all you have to do is take note of what number they used to call you, and call it back.

How Caller I.D. Spoofing Works

Caller I.D. spoofing is certainly not a household term, by any means. And yet, consumers are exposed to it every time a call comes in from a name and number that the company ends up not being. We’ve documented on the MyPhoneRobot blog how businesses are increasingly using this technology to make contact with people who are hard to find or talk to.

And now, kids are using it to fool their parents.

However, when a teenager spoofs their call, they are not in effect creating a new number. The number that displays on your phone from their incoming call is just a dummy number — it could be coming from anywhere. However, if you require your son or daughter to standby as you call them back — and get no answer from the phone number they just called you from — it’s time to demand some quick answers and go get your kid, wherever they might be partying.

Granted, you didn’t become a parent to have to play counterintelligence to your teen But to keep them safe, that’s what it sometimes takes in this day and age.

Remember: if your kid really is where he/she says she is, she’ll be right there when you ring back. If not, well, you’re going to have to do a bit of investigating. Here, you can still use caller ID spoofing, especially when you’re trying to contact his/her friends and you actually have a hold of their numbers. Use one on the other to prevent these kids from covering for one another while you’re hot on their tail.