Prank Call Essentials

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Contrary to the popular notion that prank calling is something only people with quite a lot of free time to blow do, and that it requires virtually no skill nor preparation, we’re here to tell you prank calling is actually of much more consequence that you think. And if you want it to be even remotely successful and as funny as the movies show it to be, then you better keep these things in mind before you start dialing:

1. Remember to make the call anonymous. There are many ways to do this.

2. Make sure you have your character down. Cover all the bases of who you are for the call in case you have to answer any questions. Nothing gives a prank call away like awkward silences and stuttering.

3. Rehearse for a bit. Just so you’re prepared to stay in character for whatever your victim may say or wherever direction the phone call decides to go. And for the love of everything that is good in the world, don’t sound overly fake with whatever foreign accent you decide to use. Don’t be a racist.

4. Get numb to laughter. Or at least have a pillow nearby to muffle a sudden, unstifle-able bark or fit of giggles.

5. Make sure you aren’t toeing the line of the law. Some people can have calls traced, or if they’re sharp enough to figure out who you are, they can have the police on your tail if they felt threatened or offended by your phone call. So behave yourself.

If you want to skip worrying about most of these things, and get to making the call instead immediately and have your fun, head on over to