Spoof Calling Can Prevent Spam

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Most of the things we hear and read about on “spoof calling” on the news is that it’s something used for a wide array of crimes such as identity theft, harassment, and ill-intentioned telemarketing. What most people don’t know is that “spoof calling” was actually invented to serve as a means to protect YOU, the caller – not to abet in fraud.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life project, which had 2,254 adult participants from the U.S., 72% said they’ve received dropped calls, while 32% said they get them “a few times a week or more”.

“A full 68 percent of cell phone owners said they receive telemarketing calls, while 25 percent said these unwanted calls came in more than once a week. About 79 percent of cell phone owners use text messaging, the study found. And of those, 69 percent reported receiving spam text messages. A quarter of mobile users who text receive such messages repeatedly throughout an average week.”

One of the ways changing your caller ID was meant to protect you is by giving you the peace of mind that when you call a certain establishment or company, you can hide behind a fake number – eliminating the chance you’d be plagued by spam calls or texts in the future.

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