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Why Getting A U.S. Phone Number Counts

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In today’s incredibly interconnected world, it may not seem important to have ┬álocal telephone number in any given place. After all, the rise of the internet, e-mail, text messaging, and the ability to easily and cost-effectively make an international call has helped to fuel a smaller, more globalized economy, with a increasing amount of business being done between entities in different countries.

While it’s true that communicating overseas is no longer a problem, getting a U.S. phone number has several major benefits for companies and people looking to do business in the U.S. Continue reading

Get a Local Caller ID to Get Them to Pick Up

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Telemarketing and similar jobs are tough. These days, one of the biggest obstacles to getting your job done is just getting people to answer their phones. If you ask around, most people will tell you they will never pick up a call with a different area code — which is often times the case when it’s actually coming from a telemarketer.

If we can just get these individuals to pick up the call, then nearly half the job is done, since you can bank on the fact that many people feel obligated to be polite, somehow hear you out and not immediately hang up.

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