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MyPhoneRobot 2.2

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We have exciting news for you: New version of MyPhoneRobot is out – you can download it either from Google play or from our website(https://myphonerobot.com)

What’s new? Here you go:

New Pranks added – go to the Prank Calls screen and look for: “Leave My Boy” , “We Met Last Night” and some covers(different voice type) for “Cyber Crimes” and “You Are Sexy”

Greetings added – they are active only around specific dates – Thanksgiving,Christmas,Valentine,4th of July,etc(Currently you will find different versions of Thanksgiving phone greetings: hip hop, electro, pop and more…

Stay tuned!
Application is quite faster now(you can tell).We approved the speed of MyPhoneRobot both for web and mobile.

Bug fixes, cleaner navigation.

UK number is used for pranks within UK.

Many important improvements.