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Spongebob’s Plankton Prank Calls McDonald’s for the Secret Formula

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plankton prank call

Okay, so you’ve officially run out of friends and acquaintances to prank call. What are you gonna do with all of your free time and sadistic tendencies? Well, you can turn your tricks on a hotline! No, emergency departments and government agencies do not count. However, if you do want to get arrested, do time, then come out with a rap album, then by all means.

If you’re planning to prank an establishment, make sure whoever’s gonna answer it doesn’t really have people’s lives hanging in the valence. The prank call I’ve posted below is a great example of a prank call on an establishment. Continue reading

The Law on Prank Calls

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While pulling a prank, recording it and sniggering on the side with all your buddies can be a lot of fun, it’s very important to know if what you’re doing is in any smidgen of a way illegal. Now, what I’ve written here is nowhere near legal advice you can bet your life on, but I suggest you educate yourself on these basics.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the things you need to check, double check and triple check on if you wanna avoid having the police at your door soon after you hang up on your prank call: Continue reading

Dustin Hoffman Started Jonah Hill’s Career Out of Prank Calls

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Remember that obnoxious perv of a teenager in Superbad, or the ironically hipster-cool undercover cop from 21 Jump Street? Yes, I’m talking about Jonah Hill, the Hollywood comedian whose face and pomade-coated hair is pictured on the left.

Everybody loves this guy; and with him starring in big-production, true stories like Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s hard to imagine him kicking off his career with prank calls.

It was in Santa Monica, California’s Crossroads private school that Jonah Hill buddied-up with Jake Hoffman – Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman’s son. Oh the simple joys of private school and hobnobbing with the offspring of the rich and famous — all with a fast pass to their own Hollywood niche thanks to their parents’ golden names. Continue reading