The Change Phone Number Solution

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For all of the advancements made in business communication, there is still a major communications gap between businesses and prospective customers. While there are a number of communication channels available to businesses now, raging from traditional mail and telephones to e-mail, text messaging, and mobile phones, consumers are becoming increasings “blind” to advertising and “deaf” to customer service outreach. Simply put: it’s a sensory overload for consumers, and they just aren’t interested anymore.

When you add to this technology that let’s people screen phone calls, it can be next to impossible to successfully contact a person for business purposes.

Fortunately, there is a new wave of technology in telephonics that gives companies the ability to change their phone number in order to have a better shot at actually making contact with the people they are trying to reach.

For credit collectors, lawyers, and other sensitive industries, changing phone numbers is a must, since often times there are few other solutions for ensuring that people actually pick up their phones. In the case of debt collectors, those who are avoiding paying their debts are usually hyper-sensitive to who is calling them, and will rarely pick up the phone if they suspect a suspicious phone number. As a result, these people tend to get to know the numbers that are from credit collectors.

By changing phone numbers, a debt collector can send to a caller I.D. a local phone number that the person will be much more apt to immediately trust and pick up.

In the past, the change phone number technology was either primitive or too costly for most small businesses. Affordable solutions were all done through internet connections, which did not provide clear and reliable resolution of the call. Telephonic solutions offers much better reception, but were cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, MyPhoneRobot has developed a 100% telephonic system that ensures the quality and reliability of calls at prices that businesses can afford. Now, a company can easily change their phone number and have a higher pick-up rate, without having to break the bank in order to have access to these services.

If you are interested in getting more information about how this technology can help your business, be sure to contact MyPhoneRobot today for a free consultation.