What The Heck Is a Caller ID Faker?

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Have you ever heard of a caller ID faker or a spoof call? Chances are, you probably haven’t, and figured that your caller ID — and the caller ID of everyone else — was an official piece of information that was set in stone. In point of fact, there is nothing further from the truth.

Find out how a caller ID faker can be a very useful tool for home or for business.

Caller ID is a technology that ultimately originates from the phone line where a call originates. It is a set of meta data that each house or business is tagged with on a particular line, and when a call originates from that line, what comes with it is the caller ID meta data. It is not something that is added to the call somewhere in the middle.

Because of this, the spoofed call can be blocked or even changed. This is where a caller ID faker comes in. With the caller ID faker, the call, along with the original set of meta data, is rerouted to a system where the name and number associated with the line can be changed. That call is then repurposed and sent on to the original recipient, but with a new, fake set of information.

There are several ways that a caller ID faker works, and most of them use internet connections, which are often unreliable. Only MyPhoneRobot uses a full telephonic caller ID faker, so that the call you make turns out to be a real phone call, and not some Skype internet phone call.

The uses for a spoof call are limitless. The technology can be used to play a funny prank on a friend, to fool someone into a surprise birthday party, to engage in an illicit love affair, or to even catch a cheater in the act.

Caller ID fakers also have business applications as well. The technology can be used to increase sales call conversions, collect debts, take polls, and even law enforcement will use the technology to catch crooks/

If you think that a caller ID faker might be helpful to your endeavors, be sure to check out what MyPhoneRobot can do for you.