Why Getting A U.S. Phone Number Counts

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In today’s incredibly interconnected world, it may not seem important to have  local telephone number in any given place. After all, the rise of the internet, e-mail, text messaging, and the ability to easily and cost-effectively make an international call has helped to fuel a smaller, more globalized economy, with a increasing amount of business being done between entities in different countries.

While it’s true that communicating overseas is no longer a problem, getting a U.S. phone number has several major benefits for companies and people looking to do business in the U.S.

One of the key reasons for getting a U.S. phone number has to do with customer service. Thanks to the rise of caller I.D. technology, U.S. callers have grown accustomed to using their caller I.D. to make on-the-fly judgments as to whether or not they are really going to pick up the phone. On a personal level, this may be a good thing for people, but if you re in the customer service industry, having an international telephone number is bound to give a prospective customer or contact some pause.

If you are making inbound calls to the U.S. — perhaps as a sub-contractor for a debt collection company — then getting a U.S. phone number to use as your calling hub is a must. Those who are behind in paying a debt are already going to be on alert about answering calls. If they see a call coming in with all of the extra digits for an inter nation number, your pick-up is bound to be nil.

However, getting a U.S. phone number is also a good idea if you’re trying to sell in the U.S. as well.

If you have a product or service that you know will attract U.S. customers, but are still looking to manage customer service or order fulfillment from afar, then a U.S. phone number is a necessity. Americans simply will not readily call an international phone number for a variety of reasons, from price to suspiciousness. A U.S. phone number, however, will put the prospective customer at ease.

In the past, it has been difficult to set up local U.S. phone numbers for business purposes. However, now, thanks to new technology in telephony, it is extremely easy to obtain a U.S. phone number. If you or your business are interested in getting a U.S. phone number, be sure to contact MyPhoneRobot today on how we can help.