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from $0.14 / call

Send a pre-recorded prank call online, directly to your friends mobiles. Hilarious prank collection is waiting your cruel choice. Select a funny prank, enter your friend's phone number and hit the send button. It feels like a real person is calling, but actually you are sending imaginary conversation. Record the call and have a good laught at it later. Try our free prank calls now.


from $0.09 / call

Change your phone number when dialing out. Our spoof call technology will fake your caller id and protect your personal data. Increase your privacy and change your voice in real time with our integrated voice changer. Record your calls and refer to them later. Our spoof caller will give you the privacy and superior call quality you deserve. Try our free spoof calls.


from $0.18 / text

Change the sender id of your outbound texts. With our spoof sms technology, your messages will appear as coming from whichever phone number you want. We comply with all mobile regulations - the prank will last for a couple of minutes and the recipient will be informed. Now you can make funny jokes with your friends worldwide. Be whoever you wanna be!


from $2.99 / month

Buy phone numbers online. Website owners, remote workers, travelers or people in need of personal privacy - send and receive phone calls and texts with your own US phone number. Anyone can call you from their phone - you answer or dial back from anywhere(fully mobile), at the cost of a local rate. Call forwarding to your international phone number is included for free.

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Voice changer

voice changer

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