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Spoof Calls
Change the caller ID of your phone calls. The spoof call will display any number you want. Increase your privacy by changing your voice in a live call.
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Prank Calls
Send a pre-recorded prank call to your friends as a phone call. They will assume a real person is calling, but actually you are sending them imaginary conversation.
icon spoof calls credits
12 credits/min
icon prank calls credits
20 credits
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Radio game
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Voice mask
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You called!
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Obama note
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Spoof SMS
Change the Sender ID and the SMS will appear as coming from whichever phone number you want. Start doing jokes and pranks with your friends all over the world.
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Voice Messages
You type the message as text, we call the recipient and pronounce your message with voice.We can ask a question and receive feedback via recipient phone keypad.
icon spoof sms credits
25 credits
icon text to call credits
10-15 credits
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Sexy Pizza
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My package
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Scary Ghost
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Privacy Phone Calls
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Prank Calls Simplified
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