How to send a spoof sms

Enter the phone number of the recipient. All phone numbers within MyPhoneRobot are in international format, please, read more about this in our phone number format blog article.

spoof sms target phone number

Enter the phone number that you want to display on the target phone. This is the faked/spoofed number and you can type anything as long as it is a valid phone number in international format.

spoof sms from phone number

Now you need to type your spoofe text message. As with conventional SMS , stick to 160 symbols. If you want to send a spoof sms in non-latin language, you need to enter no more than 80 symbols.

spoof sms message

Okay, you are ready to send your spoof SMS. Just hit the Send button and leave the rest to us. Note, this is an experimental service that is hightly regulated and sometimes it just fails - test the service before using it on your own phone.

send spoof sms

You can create an account with MyPhoneRobot within seconds. We have optimized our Signup process , you can login with your facebook and twitter account or use our simple signup form - just click on the getting started button below:

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